Thursday, 8 December 2016

The Amazing Race! (Triathlon)

Yesterday we had our Year 3 Triathlon/Biathlon.  Everyone swam, biked and ran until they were puffed!  Below is Jade's poem about it:

I'm ready for this!
My go now,
I'm really nervous.

Away you go!
3 laps of the pool,
jumped out, 
raced up the hill.

I slipped on my shoes,
jumped on my bike,
starting to pedal,
faster and faster,
finished 3 laps!

I ran for my life,
finished my 3 laps,
ran to the finish line,
4th place,
High five!

By Jade


  1. Thats the best poem jade from Hannah

  2. Great poem Jade because you did a really good words and good sentences.