Thursday, 10 November 2016

The Droplet Story

Yesterday Mrs Blackwell was teaching us about water.  Here is a story Devlin wrote about a droplet called Bob and what happens to water:

One day there was a droplet called Bob.  He was floating in the sea and then the sun appeared.  It made Bob so hot he started to fly up to a cloud.  It was called evaporation.  When there were heaps of droplets in the cloud it got too heavy and it started to rain.  He fell out of the cloud and plopped into the river.  Bob floated down the river but got sucked into the water pipe and came out in a tap.  Then the plug got pulled out and he went down the whirlpool, down the drain and back to the sea.


  1. What a detailed outline of evaporation Devlin! Bob is a busy droplet.

  2. Hi guys! Remember me? Im Rebecca from room15!!! That sounds fun to read Devlin! XD