Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Dance Off!!

Last Friday we had a Christmas Festival and each year group had to do a hip hop dance.  Ours was to 'Magic' by B.O.B.  The video quality might not be very good but you get the idea!  It was awesome!

 Here is Ayesha's writing about it:

"Come on, lets go," I yelled as I raced across the room getting my dress on and my black pants.  My cousin Kennedy was eating pie and my brother was on the computer.  "Lets go!" Mum yelled.  I raced out the door.  We went in the car to school then I realised that the dance had started.  I ran across to sit down with our class and I felt a bit nervous!  Mrs Gilbert said, "Year 3, it's your turn!"  I was feeling nervous because it's not my favourite dance.  I got into my position and then I heard the music go and started to dance.  It was really scary with all the people watching us.