Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Dance Off!!

Last Friday we had a Christmas Festival and each year group had to do a hip hop dance.  Ours was to 'Magic' by B.O.B.  The video quality might not be very good but you get the idea!  It was awesome!

 Here is Ayesha's writing about it:

"Come on, lets go," I yelled as I raced across the room getting my dress on and my black pants.  My cousin Kennedy was eating pie and my brother was on the computer.  "Lets go!" Mum yelled.  I raced out the door.  We went in the car to school then I realised that the dance had started.  I ran across to sit down with our class and I felt a bit nervous!  Mrs Gilbert said, "Year 3, it's your turn!"  I was feeling nervous because it's not my favourite dance.  I got into my position and then I heard the music go and started to dance.  It was really scary with all the people watching us.  

NUDE Food!

We are an 'Enviro School' and love looking after our environment.  One part of this is reducing our rubbish.  Anna & Isabella have made a Pic-Collage to remind you about 'Nude Food...'

Earthquake Report

We were really shocked to feel and hear about the earthquake last week.  We hope all our blogging friends in Wellington and Christchurch are ok!

Here is Hannah's earthquake report writing:

Last night there was an earthquake. It went BOOM BOOM, it was near christchurch. But families felt it from hamilton and Auckland. WOW that's amazing. It must of been a big one. I said OMG there was an earthquake that was seven point five and that is very big I was amazed by that.

Thursday, 10 November 2016

The Droplet Story

Yesterday Mrs Blackwell was teaching us about water.  Here is a story Devlin wrote about a droplet called Bob and what happens to water:

One day there was a droplet called Bob.  He was floating in the sea and then the sun appeared.  It made Bob so hot he started to fly up to a cloud.  It was called evaporation.  When there were heaps of droplets in the cloud it got too heavy and it started to rain.  He fell out of the cloud and plopped into the river.  Bob floated down the river but got sucked into the water pipe and came out in a tap.  Then the plug got pulled out and he went down the whirlpool, down the drain and back to the sea.

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Music Performance

On Monday we performed some songs for our parents.  We have all been learning either choir, recorder, ukulele or glockenspiel.  Here's a video of one of our songs...

Friday, 4 November 2016

Guy Fawkes

We have been watching a few videos like this one about where Guy Fawkes came from and why we have it.  Just in case you do not know the story, here is an explanation of Guy Fawkes:

Over 400 years ago there was a man called Guy Fawkes.  He did not like the law of the King.  So Guy Fawkes got together with some of his friends.  They found a way under the Parliament and smeared gun powder all around the whole area.  A letter got sent to the King saying, "You are in danger," so the king sent soldiers to capture Guy Fawkes.  They found him under Parliament with all the gun powder before he blew it up.  They saved the king and now people have parties with fireworks!    
By Isabella

So now when you're letting off fireworks this weekend you will know why!

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

The Camping Trip

We have been doing a lot of drama this term.  Here is a video of Isabella, Sushviq, Haokun and Devlin acting out a poem called "The Camping Trip."  Look out for facial expression, gestures and how we use levels (standing up high or being down low) because we have been working on that!